Peter McCarthy Biography

I began playing guitar at age thirteen, studying with Joe Allegro. Started on the Electric Bass at age 19, Upright Bass at 27. Studied Bass with Gregg Powers, Joe Allegro, Bruce Kaminsky and Fred Weiss. Studied  composition and theory at Glassboro State College. I have always sought the advice and knowledge of many different musicians, and continue to do so.  I enjoy all styles of music and derive great pleasure in performing.

  Peter McCarthy

  Guitar / Bass / Upright Bass

Member: Salem County Chamber of Commerce

Past Bands:

Gil Thompson Trio

Brandywine Jazz

The Vel Crows


Special K Band

Beats Workin

John Mountain Band

Major Soundworks Band

Britney Baldwin Band

Jeff Nowmos Group

The Jazz Vandals

Boysie Lowery Alumni Big Band

Larry Unthank Group

The Stan Maltz Orchestra

The Witt Brothers

Whale Band

The Craft

Robert Mule Band

Jim Hunt Band

Post No Bills